Som nevnt i min forrige post, er det jeg ser som den største utfordringen ift. en utgivelse å få tillatelse til å bruke sitatet fra Death: the high cost of living.

For å få det, har jeg sendt følgende epost til DC Comics, som sitter på rettighetene:

Good morning.

I am currently working on a project called «L’esprit d’escalier»; a role playing game (RPG), in which I want to use the following quote from Neil Gaiman’s «Death, the high cost of living»:

«L’esprit d’escalier. The clever things to say, that you only think to yourself on the way out. All the cool stuff you wis you’d said at the time.»

The quote will be on a separate page, along with the following:

«Sexton Furnival, Death, the High Cost of Living – Neil Gaiman, 1993»

In addition, I have reserved a page for copyright information, which will read the following concerning the quote in question:

«Death: the High Cost of Living er © (1993) Neil Gaiman og DC Comics.»

(Note: «er» and «og» are Norwegian words meaning «is» and «and», respectively)

I am seeking your permission to include this quote, as it is simply the best explanation I have seen of what the concept of l’esprit d’escalier means.

What would I need to do to obtain this permission?